ID TheftSmart

ID Theft Smart

Jersey State Bank is now offering to our customers Identity Theft Restoration for your household. ID TheftSmart is your answer when your identity has been compromised. Kroll Fraud Solutions has forensic accountants, attorneys, investigative journalists, regulators and former law enforcement personnel that work on your behalf to protect, restore and preserve your identity.

Not only will you receive full service identity restoration from a licensed experienced investigator should you become a victim, but you will also have a resource to help answer questions or provide guidance on security and fraud related concerns, in order to head off possible issues before they materialize.

Your 3-Stage Line of Defense
The most comprehensive coverage against identity theft you’ll find anywhere.


You get immediate and direct access to:

  • Consultation on best practices for managing personal identifying information
  • Safety guidelines for communicating and interacting online (for example, shopping and social media)
  • Information about your rights under federal and state laws
  • Best practices for consumer privacy
  • A personal advocate if identity theft occurs


If you discover that your information may have been compromised, our professionals will:

  • Provide an action plan
  • Help interpret and analyze credit reports
  • Setup a credit report freeze and fraud alerts on your behalf
  • Lend personal assistance when suspicious issues arise beyond our initial findings


If your identity is stolen, our licensed ID TheftSmart investigators will:

  • Confirm identity fraud and determine its nature and scope
  • Assist in obtaining a police report
  • Provide a tri-merged credit report and perform full non-credit searches
  • Work on your behalf until ALL identity theft issues have been verifiably resolved
  • Place seven-year fraud victim statements with credit reporting agencies, when applicable

If you would like more information on how you can add the security and protection of the ID TheftSmart program for your entire household please contact us at (618) 498-6466.

ID TheftSmart with Credit Monitoring

Jersey State Bank is now offering to our customers Credit Monitoring with ID TheftSmart to protect and restore their identity. This service allows you to identify inaccuracies in credit data being reported by creditors. It also provides early detection of potentially fraudulent activity in their credit file.

Monitor Credit Reporting Activities

When you enroll in Credit Monitoring with ID TheftSmart, they’ll receive notification when the following events occur:

  • New account opening
  • Credit inquiry
  • Payment delinquency
  • Public record change
  • Change of address

Experienced and Knowledgeable Resources to Protect Your Customers

You will have direct access to professionals who will provide:

  • One-on-one counseling with an ID TheftSmart professional to help prevent identity theft from happening. Customers can call anytime for advice on absolutely anything related to identify protection
  • Full-service identity restoration from licensed, experienced investigators with limited power of attorney who work on behalf of your customers — not just as a counselor, but as a trusted legal surrogate
  • Continued monitoring and follow-up to ensure that all the long-term repercussions from identity theft are resolved and your customer's good name is fully restored
  • Ongoing practical information and support from experts in finance, data security, and law enforcement on identity theft prevention and detection

You receive all this for a fraction of the cost of similar programs that are not nearly as comprehensive. If you would like more information on how you can add the security and protection of the ID TheftSmart program please contact us at (618) 498-6466.