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Additional Business Services

No matter your Business Banking needs, we appreciate your choice to bank with us and would like to offer all of our customers the following services in addition to any they may already have with us.


Safe Deposit Boxes

JSB understands how great peace of mind can be when it comes to your valuables and personal documents. We offer Safe Deposit Boxes in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Any of our Customer Service Representatives can get you started with one today. Boxes are only available at Jerseyville location.

Night Depository

Enjoy the ease and convenience of our Night Deposit Boxes located at both bank locations. Make deposits after business hours and have them processed the next business day.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Report a debit card lost or stolen and immediately turn it off right from your phone all within our mobile banking app*.  Click on My Cards and Manage Card then Report Lost or Stolen Card it will then call 800-472-3272.

In the event your debit card is stolen or lost, please report the missing card immediately to avoid any unnecessary losses and so we can put a transaction block on your debit card. Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives during business hours at 618-498-6466 or 618-786-2311.  After hours, you can call CARD SERVICES directly at 800-472-3272.

If fraud is suspected on your debit card, you will receive a phone notification. If you are unavailable, a voice message will be left asking you to call and verify the transaction. If there is no reply, they will put a temporary block on your card.

Notary Services

Need a Notary to assist you with important documents? At JSB we offer free Notary Services to our customers for your convenience.

Coin Counting

Whether it’s a jar of coins that you’ve saved for your rainy day fund or a large batch of coins from your business, we’re here to quickly count them for you with our coin counting machine. There’s no charge for JSB customers and it can be done during business hours at either branch.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make Deposits from your desk 24/7

No time to leave the office to make a deposit? Do you need flexible hours to make your deposit while saving time? Merchant capture from Jersey State Bank offers you this flexibility and more!

It is like having a Jersey State Bank teller in your office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even on weekends and holidays. Save time by automating your deposit process and eliminating the need to travel to your nearest Jersey State Bank location to deposit your checks.

Maintaining your business’ and customer’s privacy is important. Merchant capture through Jersey State Bank uses 128-bit encryption to secure the entire scanning, transmission and research process. Merchant capture also conforms with Multi-Factor Authentication standards to ensure that you, and only you, are making and researching your deposits.

  • Convenient, secure, and helps to improve the cash flow of our business.
  • Remote Deposit is a simple and secure way to make bank deposits into your business account without ever leaving the comfort of your office.
  • Reduce trips to the bank and get faster access to your money.

How does Merchant Capture Work?

Using a check scanner, obtained through Jersey State Bank, you scan the front and back of your checks and an image is created. This image now becomes a legal equivalent of the paper check. CAR/LAR software checks the image for usability and reads both printed and handwritten information on the check. If the information can’t be read then you can manually input what is needed with some limitations. After all the check images have been accepted for usability your deposit is transmitted to us and our Bookkeeping staff will process the transaction.

Can I setup multiple accounts?

Yes, you can deposit into any deposit account with Jersey State Bank. For example, you may have a general operating checking account, payroll account and reserve savings account.

Do I have to upgrade my computer and the software updates as available?

If your computer meets the minimum requirements you will not need to make any modifications to your current system. JSB Merchant Capture is accessed and operated through a website. If there are any updates or feature changes to the software, they will automatically be downloaded when you logon.

Will my deposit be credited on the same day?

Your deposits will be credited on the same day as long as they are transmitted by the required cutoff (generally 3 pm CST). Deposits received after this time will be credited on the next business day. Deposits made on weekends or holidays will be credited on the next business day.

Can I setup multiple users?

Yes, you are allowed as many user accounts as you wish. You can also have “dual control” capability so one employee scans the checks but another employee approves and transmits the deposits. Different user rights allow for segregation of duties.

What type of training and support is provided?

Jersey State Bank will come to your business and setup your scanner. At that time we will train your staff. If at any time you have problems, we will be glad to help via email, phone or in person if necessary.

What should I do with the paper check after I’ve made the electronic deposit?

Our Remote Deposit Service Agreement states that you should retain paper checks for 60 days in a secure location. The paper checks should then be shredded.

What if the check is returned Insufficient (NSF)?

You will be notified in the same manner as in the past with your paper deposits.

Who do I contact to find out more information?

Cheryl Scoggins or Jenny King at 618-498-6466.

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Cash Management

Cash Management

Running a business involves countless responsibilities and a never-ending attention to details, especially when it comes to managing business accounts and paying bills. Jersey State Bank is available to assist with all cash management processes — from automated bill pay to remote deposit capture to ACH Origination.

ACH Origination

As an ACH Originator you may initiate direct deposits of payroll to your employees’ accounts and automatically debit your customers’ accounts for the payment of products and services you provide them. ACH Origination has many benefits including reduced costs, increased efficiency, increased benefits to employees and service to customers, improved cash flow, and decreased delinquency rate.

Jersey State Bank can provide you with a secure, web based application to allow you to create and/or upload your ACH files directly to us for processing. Call for more information and to see if ACH Origination may be right for you. Since there is some credit risk associated with ACH Origination, we may require credit screening before approval.

Direct Deposit

Payroll can be credited directly to the bank and deposited to customer’s accounts per an established schedule. Take advantage of Direct Deposit service and enjoy the benefits of never having to deposit a paycheck again!

How It Works:

  • You obtain written authorization from employees to make electronic payments to their accounts.
  • You prepare and deliver payroll file to JSB one or two days prior to settlement date.
  • ACH files are transmitted into the ACH network, with employee’s accounts credited and your company’s account debited on settlement day.
  • All data submitted must be in conjunction with NACHA Rules and Regulations.

Direct Payment

Preauthorized debits are ideal for electronically collecting recurring payments, memberships, dues, and periodic subscription fees. The transfer process is automated, convenient and predictable, giving you better control of your funds at less cost to your company.

How It Works:

  • You obtain written authorization from payers to draw regular electronic payments from their accounts.
  • You prepare and deliver collection data to JSB one or two days prior to settlement date.
  • ACH files are routed into the ACH network, with payers’ accounts debited and your company’s account credited on settlement day.
  • All data submitted must be in conjunction with NACHA Rules and Regulations.

Benefits to Your Company:

  • Lower Costs: You save money by eliminating much of the manual work associated with your payment and collection processes. This includes less check printing and processing, lower postal expenses and fewer losses due to stolen, forged or lost checks.
  • Improved Cash Flow: Quicker collection of payments means enhanced liquidity.
  • Simplified Forecasting: You know the exact date of your funds transfers, simplifying daily funding decisions.
  • Enhanced Benefits and Customer Service: ACH services benefit your employees/customers/vendors by eliminating manual work for them and lessening concern over timely payments.

Interested in learning more about ACH Origination?

Complete the questionnaire and return it to Jenny King or contact her at 618.498.6466.

Download Questionnaire

Merchant Card Services

Jersey State Bank can introduce you to setup Merchant Card Services!

This service will allow you to conveniently transfer your debit and credit card sales into your bank account in a timely manner from the comfort of your office. Our processor will insure that you will:

  • Be able to process all major debit/credit cards
  • Have fast access to funds
  • Improved cash flow
  • 24/7 toll free support
  • Easy account Management

Contact Sherry Cooper today at (618) 498-6466.