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Photo of Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

President / CEO

NMLS ID#640908
Office:618-498-6466 Ext. 242

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Photo of Tom Schnelt

Tom Schnelt

Vice President

NMLS ID#802332
Office:618-498-6466 Ext. 227

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Photo of Kelli Keller

Kelli Keller

Mortgage/Consumer Lender

NMLS ID#882398
Office:618-498-6466 Ext. 230

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Photo of Marisa Woolsey

Marisa Woolsey

Mortgage/Consumer Lender

NMLS ID # 716594
Office: 618-498-6466 Ext. 229

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Photo of Kelly Plummer

Kelly Plummer

Loan Administrator


Photo of Julie Henson

Julie Henson

Loan Administrator


Photo of Rosemary Wock

Rosemary Wock

Loan Administrator


Photo of Amber Clendenen

Amber Clendenen

Senior Credit Analyst