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About Jersey State Bank

On January 10, 1903, Theodore S. Chapman, Frederick Jacobs, Joseph R. Fulkerson, and Allen M. Slaten were granted permission to organize a bank to be known as the Jersey State Bank with capital stock of $25,000.On January 28, 1903 Jersey State Bank opened its door for business at 123 West Pearl Street in Jerseyville, Illinois. Jersey State Bank began with capital stock of $25,000 divided into 250 shares of $100.00 each. On January 14, 1904 about one year after opening, the balance sheet reflected Total Assets & Liabilities equaling $262,558.56.

In 1928, the bank moved from its West Pearl location to 100 North State Street in Jerseyville. Much expansion was done in the following 53 years. The Brockman building on the West was purchased in order to add 2 drive-up lanes and a walk-up window. Later the Henry Building on the North was purchased in order to expand the loan department. Operations of the bank continued to grow and it became necessary to relocate the business in order to provide office space, expand drive-up facilities and provide additional parking space for customers.

In 1980, land was acquired at 1000 South State Street in Jerseyville. A new bank was constructed and began operation on May 17, 1981. The present banking house contains approximately 10,000 square feet with 5 drive-up lanes and 62 parking places.

On November 16, 1987, Jersey State Bank opened it first branch located at 14 East Main Street, Grafton, Illinois, being the first financial institution to establish a branch within Jersey County. The branch was established to meet the convenience and needs of the trade area which we now serve.

The Data Center which houses our proof, transit and computer operations was moved to a new location at 1303 South State street in July 1994.

In April 1996 Jersey State Bank opened its newest branch facility at the Wal-Mart Super Center located at 1316 South State Street in Jerseyville.

In 2006, we incorporated our Data Center back into our main banking facility. We also added on storage areas and future offices to the building. We recently closed our Wal-Mart facility in March of 2011.