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Additional Services

No matter your Personal Banking needs, we appreciate your choice to bank with us and would like to offer all of our Personal Banking customers the following services in addition to any they may already have with us.

Personal Check Reorders


Safe Deposit Boxes

JSB understands how great peace of mind can be when it comes to your valuables and personal documents. We offer Safe Deposit Boxes in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Any of our Customer Service Representatives can get you started with one today. Boxes are only available at Jerseyville location.

Night Depository

Enjoy the ease and convenience of our Night Deposit Boxes located at both bank locations. Make deposits after business hours and have them processed the next business day.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Report a debit card lost or stolen and immediately turn it off right from your phone all within our mobile banking app*.  Click on My Cards and Manage Card then Report Lost or Stolen Card it will then call 800-472-3272.

In the event your card is stolen or lost, please report the missing card immediately to avoid any unnecessary losses and so we can put a block on your card. Contact us during business hours at 618-498-6466 or 618-786-2311. After hours, you can call CARD SERVICES directly at 800-472-3272.

If fraud is suspected on your debit card, you will receive a phone notification.  Automated phone calls will come from (888)253-8962 or Text message alerts will come from 37268.  If you are unavailable, a voice message will be left asking you to call and verify the transaction. If there is no reply, they will put a temporary block on your card.

Notary Services

Need a Notary to assist you with important documents? At JSB we offer free Notary Services to our customers for your convenience.

Coin Counting

Whether it’s a jar of coins that you’ve saved for your rainy day fund or a large batch of coins from your business, we’re here to quickly count them for you with our coin counting machine. There’s no charge for JSB customers and it can be done during business hours at either branch.

Check out our new Self-Service Coin Machine at our Jerseyville branch!

Savings Bonds

You can now purchase Savings Bonds online through the secure website. With Treasury Direct you can buy, manage and redeem Treasury securities online 24/7, from the convenience of home, work, or wherever you have secure Internet access.

  • In addition to savings bonds, you can buy and manage marketable Treasury securities: Treasury bills, notes, bonds and TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities).
  • You can establish multiple registrations in one account.
  • You can set up a simple payroll savings plan to automatically invest in savings bonds.
  • You can schedule recurring purchases for savings bonds and marketable securities.
  • Your savings bonds purchases are generally added to your account in just one business day.
  • Since the securities are electronic, there is no paper to lose, and no need to go to a local financial institution to redeem them.
  • When the funds are needed, and after the minimum holding period has been reached, you can redeem part or all of your savings bonds. The payment will be deposited to your checking or savings account, and the funds should reach your financial institution in just one business day.
  • You can establish accounts for minor children and for specific purposes such as education or vacations.
  • You can view and print your account summary, including recent purchases, payments and account balance.

Switch Kit

We make switching easy!

We want to make your move to Jersey State Bank as easy as possible. That’s why we created this Switch Kit. The link below is everything you will need to close out your existing accounts and transfer your automatic deposits and withdrawals to your new account with Jersey State Bank!

Switch Kit

Switch Kit (fillable online)

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