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Meet Our Lending Team

Photo of Tom

Tom Schnelt

Vice President / Senior Lender

NMLS ID# 802332
Office:618-498-6466 Ext. 227

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Photo of Chad

Chad Bowker

Vice President / Comptroller

NMLS ID# 870571
Office:618-498-6466 Ext. 225

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Photo of Kelli

Kelli Keller

Mortgage/Consumer Lender

NMLS ID# 882398
Office:618-498-6466 Ext. 230

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Photo of Marisa

Marisa Woolsey

Mortgage/Consumer Lender

NMLS ID # 716594
Office: 618-498-6466 Ext. 229

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Photo of Kelly

Kelly Plummer

Loan Administrator

Office: 618-498-6466 Ext. 237

Photo of Rose

Rosemary Wock

Loan Administrator

Photo of Cassandra

Cassandra Ayres

Loan Administrator