NEWS RELEASE: June 7, 2022

RE: Grafton Food Pantry Donations

The City of Grafton Food Pantry received donations of food items this week from Jersey State Bank. “We want to support our community by helping families in need of food.” said Jeremy Heneghan, Jersey State Bank, Grafton Branch Manager. “We collected food items from both our Jerseyville and Grafton bank facilities during the first week in June and we will be delivering them to the Grafton Food Pantry at the end of this week.”

“I am so pleased to see donations coming in during non-holiday period, this really helps us to fill a real need.” Commented Mychele Hutchinson, Grafton Food Pantry Food Coordinator. Mrs. Hutchinson went on to tell how the Grafton Food Pantry receives most of their food donations from the local churches and walk-ins from individuals. “These donations from businesses are greatly appreciated, we are very grateful to Jersey State Bank for their support of our community.”

Donations to the Grafton Food Pantry can be dropped off at city hall during regular business hours.

Photos provided by Dave Sanford, City Photographer.

Mike Morrow