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Bank When YOU Want!

With Jersey State Bank’s Online and Mobile Banking services, you can bank anywhere, anytime!  You can make convenient and secure transactions from your computer or mobile phone.

Online Banking

Access your accounts 24/7 securely online. With this convenient and free service you’ll be able to manage your finances simply and securely any time of day. You’ll be able to:

  • Check account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer money between your accounts even make your loan payment
  • View, print or save your statements
  • Setup email or text alerts to help you manage your accounts
  • Place stop payments,
  • Send secure email to bank staff
  • Pay bills without the hassle and cost of writing and mailing checks


Online Banking Login Page

Account Alerts

JSB’s Notifi® Alerts feature makes it easy to monitor your banking. Start setting up alerts today with this FREE service offered through online banking and mobile banking.  Receive an e-mail, text, or push notifications on any of your devices. With Notifi®, you’ll always know what’s happening with your accounts and your money.  You can set alerts for activity such as:

  • Your online banking login was locked out or your password changed.
  • A deposit is made.
  • A purchase using your debit card was just processed.
  • Your balance drops below a dollar amount you choose.
  • An ATM withdrawal is made.
  • A check clears that exceeds the amount you set.

To set up Alerts:

  1. Log into Online Banking. Select Alerts at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on Contact Options, setup and Activate your email and cell phone number.
  3. Click each Category in Alert Options to view the list of available alerts.
  4. Select the Alerts you want to receive for each account, how you would like to receive them, and click Save.


1.  Login to mobile app, click More button at the bottom right screen.
2. Turn on green toggle for Push Notifications
3. Choose alerts you wish to receive under Account Alerts and Security Alerts.

You will receive a message whenever your alerts are triggered. It’s that simple. For support, call us at (618) 498-6466 or (618) 786-2311.

Online Bill Pay
Now you can conveniently pay your bills and save money doing it.

Did you know that paying bills through the traditional methods can cost roughly 75 cents per bill (cost of checks, stamps, & envelopes) plus your time? If you’re paying 8 – 12 bills per month like many people, Online Bill Pay* can save you nearly $9 every month! (Or $108/year). Plus you can pay your bills without the hassles of writing checks or remembering user names and passwords at multiple biller sites.

Simply sign on, tell us who you want to pay, enter the payment amount, set the payment date, and submit. You will still have the ability to update or cancel your payment anytime before it processes.

  • Pay a Company.  Keep all your bill payments organized with Bill Pay.
    • Some companies like credit card companies, cable companies, electric companies, etc are already available in Bill Pay to easily set up to pay
    • If a company isn’t available to quickly add for payment, the information printed on your bill is all you need to set up a company payee
    • Payments can be scheduled and set for recurring delivery
  • Make recurring payments. Eliminate the hassle of paying your monthly bills by setting up recurring payments. This is a great option for payments that don’t change from month to month – such as your internet service or trash pickup.
  • Get your bills delivered right to Bill Pay.  Major companies in the Bill Pay payee database have the potential to be set up as an eBill, allowing you to receive your bills within Bill Pay.
    • Once you’ve entered the payee into Bill Pay you will see if they are capable for eBill, look for “Get eBills” logo.
    • Just click their name in the list and enter your user information from the payee’s website to have that bill delivered to Bill Pay
    • If you wish to stop receiving paper bills after setting up eBills, you must contact your billing company
  • Customized reminders. Never make a late payment again! When you set up reminders, you’ll receive a message when certain types of activity occur, such as when a payment processes, when a transaction is scheduled, or when a new eBill is received.
  • Pay a Person  You can pay anyone, such as a relative, babysitter, or dog-walker, by entering them as a payee in Bill Pay.
    • Check payments are mailed and paid within 5-7 business days
  • Pay from multiple checking accounts. Choose which checking account to pay your bills from. (Please call the bank to add additional accounts).
  • See it all at a glance! The Payment Center lets you make payments and view pending payments, recent payments, and bill reminders all on the same screen.

*Free if enrolled in eStatements

Jersey State Bank Mobile App Questions

The Jersey State Bank Mobile app is available for Apple® and AndroidTM devices. Download on the App StoreSM and on Google PlayTM.


What if I can’t remember my password?

Click on the Forgot Password link and it will email you a temporary password to use.

My Android® app crashes when I try to open it. What should I do?

Start by removing the app and reinstalling. To uninstall: go to Settings > select Apps or Application Manager > select Jersey State Bank Mobile App > tap to uninstall. To reinstall: go to the Google Play® Store > search for the Jersey State Bank Mobile app > select Jersey State Bank Mobile App > select Install.


My iOS® app crashes when I try to open it. What should I do?

Ensure the Jersey State Bank app is closed by double clicking the home button. If it’s not closed, swipe side-by-side through your open apps and swipe the Jersey State Bank app upward to close it. Then go to Settings > scroll down and select Safari > click on Clear History and Website Data option.


I received a notification that I need to update my app. How do I check that I have the most recent app version?

On AndroidTM devices:

  • Go to the Play Store app
  • Click on Profile icon image on top right corner, as the Google Setting page will open
  • Click on Manage Apps & Device
  • From the Overview tab, go to Updates Available section, click See Details
  • A list of apps that are available for an update should appear.
  • Check the list of apps to see if Jersey State Bank Mobile is on the list
  • If yes, select Jersey State Bank Mobile and click Update

On Apple® devices:

  • Go to Apple App Store app
  • Click on your Profile icon image on top right corner, as the Apple Account page will open
  • Scroll down the page to Upcoming Automatic Updates
  • A list of apps that are available for updates should appear
  • Check the list of apps to see if Jersey State Bank Mobile is on the list
  • If yes, select Jersey State Bank Mobile and click Update


What Operating System does Jersey State Bank  Mobile App support?

As of June 2023, the following operating systems are supported to install, update and run the Jersey State Bank mobile app.

  • iPhone: iOS 15 or higher
  • iPad: iPadOS 15 or higher
  • Android phone and tablet: Android OS 9.0 or higher


How do I check the Operating System on my phone?

On Android devices:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap About Phone
  • Tap Software Information or Android Version
  • Find your Android Version 

On Apple® devices:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Software Update
  • If an update is available, notification will appear
  • Otherwise the device will display the operating system version

Add to the convenience of Online Banking with Jersey State Bank’s Mobile Bank App, which lets you use your mobile device to:

  • Check your balances, make loan payments, and transfer money between accounts
  • Deposit checks using your cell phone’s camera
  • See check images online
  • Pay your bills online 24/7/365
  • Review your account history
Go Mobile

To use Mobile Banking you must be enrolled with Online Banking. If you’re not currently enrolled in online banking you can sign up here. Enrollment in Mobile Banking should be completed on a computer as the enrollment pages are not optimized for mobile.

Then, download the Jersey State Bank from the App Store or Google Play.

jersey state bank mobile app logo


available on the app store    android app on google play
How to Enroll in Mobile Banking

To use Mobile Banking you must be enrolled with Online Banking. If you’re not currently enrolled you can sign up here. Enrollment in Mobile Banking should be completed on a computer as the enrollment pages are not optimized for mobile.

Once signed up for Online Banking:

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Click on “Profile.”
  3. Scroll to “Mobile Banking.”
  4. Click “Enroll.”
  5. Checkmark the box to accept these Terms and Conditions and the continue button will appear after the check is in the box.
  6. Click “Continue.”
  7. Select your services (Mobile Browser, Text Messaging). Click Continue.
  8. You can choose your time zone and the texting nicknames you would like for your accounts. Click Continue.
  9. Enter in your phone number without dashes. Click Continue.
  10. Mobile Banking will now send you a series of text messages:
    • TEXT 1: This contains the link needed to download the app from the App Store® or on Google Play™. If you are not downloading the app you can disregard this.
    • TEXT 2: Here is your Activation Code. You need to enter this into the box on your computer screen.
    • TEXTS 3-4: These are the directions and text number needed to use text banking.
    • TEXT 5: This contains the link used to open Mobile Banking in your phone’s web browser. You can then favorite this link. This option is nice for people who want web access without actually downloading anything to their device.
  11. Welcome to Mobile Banking!

If you have any questions or need assistance, call 618-498-6466 or email us to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Mobile Check Deposit

With our Mobile Banking App you can deposit checks into your Jersey State Bank account quickly and securely.

All you need to do is use the app to take a picture of the front and back of your check and follow the instructions below.


  • Endorse checks with your signature and “For Mobile Deposit Only at Jersey State Bank” on the endorsement area of checks deposited through our mobile deposit method.
  • Select “Deposit a Check.”
  • Choose the account to make the deposit and enter the amount of check.
  • Take a photo of the front of the check. Ensure the entire check is visible, in focus and well lit. If it is clear, accept it. Repeat this process for the back of the check.
  • Review your deposit and confirm it.
  • Submit your deposit.

Important information:

  • For security reasons there are limits on deposits including the number of individual checks and the total amount of deposits made using Mobile Deposit during a certain period of time. Additional terms and conditions apply. See bank for details.
  • Keep check for 30 days. Funds are available within 2 days.
  • Jersey State Bank Mobile Deposit Service Agreement
  • Data rates may apply. Check your mobile carrier for details.

If you have any questions or need assistance, call 618-498-6466 or email us to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Text Message Banking

Don’t have a “smart” phone or other mobile device? With Text Message Banking you can stay connected to your accounts, no special app is required. Once enrolled in Online Banking, you can send a text using the codes below to the JSB mobile number (31727) to receive balances and transaction histories on your accounts. This option is great for all phones.

  • BAL: Receive the balance of your primary account.
  • HIST (+ account nickname): View account activity on an account.
  • HELP: to view a full list of text commands

**Note- In order to receive texts back from the JSB mobile number your phone must first be enrolled in the program.

App Store and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

  • App Store and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
couple talking with text add your debit card to our mobile wallet download on the app store samsung pay get it on google play


Jersey State Bank offers our debit card holders the ability to pay with their mobile device nearly anywhere! Digital Wallet offers yet another way for you to pay at the store! Instead of using your physical plastic card to make a purchase, you can pay with your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch without swiping at the register.

Using your Digital Wallet tends to be more secure than using your physical debit card because it doesn’t store your card number. This extra layer of security helps reduce the chance that your information may be stolen. Enable the fingerprint or Face ID security feature for added security. Use at participating merchants in store, on apps or online.

apple pay icon    samsung pay icon    google pay icon

Make Purchases with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® or Google Pay®.

It’s the convenience of paying with your Jersey State Bank debit card but without the card!

Just enter your card information into either app on your mobile phone.  New iPhone models already have Apple Pay® loaded by default; it just needs to be activated.  Android users will need to download and install the Samsung Pay® or Google Pay® app from the Google Play® Store.  Once installed, open the app and enter your card information, and then enjoy making purchases anywhere that accepts payments by digital wallet.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Not all merchants accept digital wallets so you will make some purchases conventionally with your card.
  • What happens when my debit card expires and you are issued a new one? The phone token should be deactivated and you will need to enroll again with your new card.
  • What happens when you replace your phone? You will enroll your current card on your new device; the information will not transfer to your new phone.


woman typing on laptop computer at desk with coffee and plants around her

Go Green with eStatements! Enjoy the privacy, security and convenience of Electronic Statements from Jersey State Bank.

By signing up for E-statements, you agree to stop receiving a paper statement.  E-statements are delivered through our Online Banking service. When your statement is ready, you will receive an e-mail notification alerting you to sign on to your Online Banking account to view your statement. It’s that easy!

  • eStatements are a fast, easy and secure way to receive your monthly bank statement electronically.
  • Get your statements quickly, without having to wait on the mail.
  • Your monthly statement can be viewed, printed or saved.
  • View your check images or print one or all of them
  • Research for a specific item by check number, dollar amount or date range.

Signing up for eStatements is easy!

    1. Log into Online Banking.
    2. Click on “Profile
    3. Scroll down to “Electronic Statements”.
    4. Click “Enroll.”
    5. Choose which accounts you want you delivered electronically and not by paper mail.
    6. Click and read “Electronic Statements Terms and Conditions
    7. Checkmark the box to accept these Terms and Conditions and the continue button will appear after the check is in the box.
    8. Type in “Confirmation Code” from last page of “Electronic Statements Terms and Conditions”
    9. Click “Save.”

Viewing your eStatements is easy!

    1. Go to your accounts
    2. Click on “Documents”
    3. Choose Document Type: eStatements
    4. Choose date range.
    5. Click “Submit.”
    6. Your available statements will be listed below.
    7. What you do next is up to you! Save, send, copy or print, the choice is yours!

For support, call us at (618) 498-6466 or (618) 786-2311.

A better card experience is at your fingertips

Ready for an easier way to manage your cards? Our upgraded mobile app puts more control, convenience and safety in your hands. From instant card activations to clearer merchant transaction info to robust fraud protections, now you can do even more from one convenient place. Read about these great features below.

With your new and improved mobile experience, you can:

Feel more empowered.
Control your cards on your terms.
• Turn your cards on/off at your discretion.
• Know where every card is stored online.
• Set spending limits based on location, amount, merchant type and transaction type.
• Create travel plan notifications for your financial institution.
• Easily dispute transactions.

Discover more convenience.
Enhanced features enable a smoother user experience.
• Enjoy 24/7 access to your cards via our mobile app.
• Easily add cards to digital wallets.
• Access card credentials without needing your physical card.

Find more clarity.
Deeper insights into spending means deeper understanding.
• Gain total transparency into every transaction with clear merchant names.
• Keep track of spending with a glance.
• View merchant name, logo, exact location on map and contact information.
• Contact merchants directly based on transactions. View spend by what, when and where.

Feel more secure.
Use your card confidently with uncompromising fraud protection.
• Immediately turn off a lost or stolen card from your phone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Login to your Jersey State Bank Mobile Banking app.
  • In the menu, click on the option that says “Manage My cards”.
  • Follow the instructions to enter your card information and set your control preferences.